Thursday, August 11, 2005

This is where I say least for now

I have to take a break from blogging.

The truth is, I've been forcing myself to write for a while now. I just haven't been into it. There's also a lot going on at home and it's about to get worse with dog obedience training and real estate, I've come to the conclusion that it's just time to admit that I just need to re-prioritize my priorities and unfortunately, blogging doesn't even crack the top ten.

I may still post from time to time, when I feel like I have something important to say or to hash through. I think I still want to play Stuff Portrait Friday, because that's fun that the whole family can enjoy ;). But as for maintaining an (almost) daily site....well, not right now anyway. Maybe after all of the craziness is over I can come back and write more often.

So thank all of you who take the time out of your day to come visit me. I'll still be checking all of you out when I can!

Tuesday, August 02, 2005


I hate the first part of the month.

I am so busy at work. Rent Collection. Accounting Reports. Narrative to the Owner. Plus, it's getting to be budget time really quickly and I'm trying to get bids in before I have to sit down and actually write the damn thing. Yesterday I had to tour two groups for a janitorial bid. I HATE being on the spot like that. Just me and a group of people all asking me questions that sometimes I don't know. Uck. It gives me huge anxiety and I feel all awkward and stupid. I'm so glad it's done that it's not even funny.

Today should be better. I get to talk to florists/landscapers about changing our plantscaping (which I HATE, currently) and about our holiday decorations. I like doing that stuff. I took two proposals yesterday for the holiday decor and finished up the details on my summer tenant party (Root Beer Floats) and worked on saving a date for our Winter Holiday Party (Espresso cart and either breakfast or desserts). KC was very productive. Indeed.

So, I hope that this explains why I haven't been posting or commenting much the last few days. I'm reading - I'm keeping up with everyone, just not commenting.

Anyway, it's time for me to get up off the 'puter and get ready for a hectic day of rent collection calls, accruals, plantscaping and some other shit I know I have to do, but have forgotten about for now.

Oh yeah, please send positive vibes for my husband. He is trying to get a job doing facilities maintenance at the Museum of Nature and Science.

The positive vibes worked with Grandma. Her surgery went awesome, like a breeze! She's home and feeling great.

Saturday, July 30, 2005

SPF - July 29, 2005

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So, I'm a day late. I really meant to get this done yesterday. Really, I did. Anyhoo, this is our bed. You'll notice the lack of bedspread or comforter and the fan in the window. It's been HOT here. WAY hot. And we don't have A/C.

You get a view of both my dresser from the outside:


(You'll note that we're totally doing a Trading Spaces thing with the dresser. I'm still not done painting, I need to touch up some areas)


Inside the drawers, the top is undergarments, socks and the like. Second drawer is sweats/shorts and the bottom drawer is jammies. I love me some jammies. My favorite pair are my


Ryan Newman NASCAR jammies that Mi Mami bought for me.

Eventually today and tomorrow, I'll be around checking everyone else's stuff out.


Thursday, July 28, 2005

Dear God, I'm A Big Fat Dork

So, there's this guy that works in my building that I think is really hot, in a Harrison Ford, Patrick Stewart distinguished gentleman kind of way.

Definitely in an untouchable kind of way. You know, like if Cat met Constantine. Or if I actually met Ben Affleck.

Anyway, I was doing my property inspection today and I ended up walking past his office. I always try to catch a glance while avoiding eye contact with him, because, you know....I think he's hot. And if he makes eye contact then he'll know that I think he's hot. In that Harrison Ford, Patrick Stewart kind of way.

So today, I'm walking past his office and he looks right at me, so what do I do? I smile like a goober and give him this retarded little wave, like a three year old waves. I know he thought "Who the hell is this retard waving at me like she's a three year old girl?"

I am such a big fat dork.

*****Disclaimer for my husband, who reads my blog****
Yes, I think this guy is hot. Just like you think Denise Richards is hot. And you thought that girl with the huge hooters that lived at Chimney Ridge was hot. Not cheat on you and leave you for him hot. Just eye candy hot.

Thoughts & Prayers? Please.

Grandma is going for stomach surgery today. Apparently, she has a hernia which has allowed her stomach to flip up over her diaphragm, making it hard to digest anything and making it even harder to breathe. She is also getting her gall bladder taken out.

Step-MIL is going to the cardiologist in Casper. Her oncologist in Gillette has found more lumps under her arm, but they are more concerned about her ticker. If everything gets the all clear from the cardiologist, then they will biopsy the lumps. She is a one time breast cancer survivor. I really don't want her to have to go through this again.

MIL is having a really hard time dealing with the insurance companies paying for the funeral home expenses and the flight for life and the ICU for Josh. She's hired an attorney and they are going to court next week. Like she needs to deal with this right now, right? The woman lost her son and now has to fight with the insurance company to get his funeral paid for. Un-fucking-believable. Greedy assed bastards.

My cousins are coming out for grandmas birthday in two weeks. (MOM - this is a surprise. Keep your mouth SHUT. If I find out that you've spilled the beans, I will personally beat your ass. - Note, I know that this seems harsh. I love my mother, I really, really do. It's just that she can't keep a secret. Even though she says she can. She can't) I love my cousins. I do. It's just that my older cousin has this way of making these snarky comments that make me feel really bad. ie, "Women who have c-sections are lazy" after she knew that I'd had a c-section and I wasn't given a choice about it. Anyway, it's already started, I asked if we could take the three little ones to Kiddie Kandids and get a picture of all three of them together for grandma's birthday and she tells me "Well, I think that's really cheesy. But I guess we can do it" She knows that I get my son's pictures done there all the time, so I guess I'm really cheesy. I know that it's mostly my issues. That I feel inadequate around them because they both have post-graduate degrees and I never even finished college. They both stay home with their children, because their husbands make enough money to support them, whereas, I work. I don't think that it's intentional on their part. I really don't. But it still makes me feel bad and I'm still not looking forward to a solid week of feeling like my life doesn't amount for shit compared to theirs.

Feh, so anyway.

Any spare good thoughts, prayers, whatever - could you send them my way?