Saturday, January 08, 2005

The status of my healthy resolution - Day 8

I was bad last night. We were going to go to Souper Salad for dinner - but the place was PACKED and I think that buffets and salad bars are nasty when they are full. So we went to Panera Bread, which in and of itself isn't so bad - but I had a 1/2 chicken sandwich on rosemary (aka - white) bread with mayo. I did have a half salad to try and make up for the cheat on the bread....but I probably should have tried to be better. I also did not go work out last night. We ate at Panera Bread at the mall, so we decided to walk around the mall for a while. I ended up buying a poncho (my first, and yes I know I'm behind the trend - always the last to know - that's me) and turtleneck on clearance at Casual Corner and then two new winter hats and a scarf at the Gap (which match no coat I own - now I need a new coat). By the time we got home, it was late and I just went to bed.

I did wake up early this morning and hit the treadmill. I did 45 minutes of the aerobic #2 setting at 2.5 - 3.5 MPH. I think I will go later tonight and do some weight training.

I am having a really hard time not eating today. It's easy to not graze all day when I'm at work. I'm busy and I don't have the fridge looming over me the way I do at home. I'm trying to be good - but there are ice cream sandwiches in the freezer...


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