Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Thank you honey.

It's not often that I give you credit. It's more likely that I'm on your case about something. Today, I want to simply say thank you.

It's been a long, hard road for us lately. Actually it's always been a long, hard road for us. It's never been easy and I can only hope that our "fresh start" will be just what we needed to not have to fight so hard for it.

I know that I've been a mess at home lately. I don't know if I'm headed for a depression or if I've just got a touch of the winters blues. I promise you that I will keep an eye on things and that if it gets bad I will go back to the Zoloft (or it's generic equivalent which is covered by my superfantastic HMO). I'm not going to let you off the hook for all of your issues either - and you know what I'm talking about. BUT...I have to tell you that I appreciate your willingness to cook tofu for me (even putting it in the grocery basket was a victory for our marriage), eat salad with me, cooking the small steak for 30 more seconds...

I want things to work very badly. I know you do to. As long as you are honest with me and I with you - I think that it will.

When I think about growing older, you're always with me. On my way to work yesterday, they were playing Van Morrison's "Into The Mystic" and I couldn't help but smile - picturing the two of us dancing. I know that we have so many road trips and other adventures in our future - and I'm looking forward to them.

So simply, thank you. It was a very difficult step that you took to save our marriage and I know that it hasn't been easy on you. You should know how much I appreciate it - and I do.


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